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CPER is looking for intellectual volunteers

Subject: Centre for Progressive Evolution of Reality is looking for a critical volunteer to do reading research on courses, which are in development.

Critical volunteer(s) or hobbyist who will investigate the English online learning environment (OLE) of CPER and write comments in the form of digital reports.
(The site has Google-Translate built in, allowing you to read the text in almost any language, to the extent that G-T can handle the translations correctly.)

The main theme of learning content:
The evolution of humans regarding past present future, with respect to the brain, physical beauty and the human psyche.


        In search of the objective, universal truth and the purpose of life.

        The genetic evolutionary development of the human species.

        The brain and psychological communication between body and mind.

        Recommendations on personal development and health, teaching and therapy.

        Religious and spiritual implications of CPER doctrine.

        The mysteries of life that do not fit the politically correct picture.

Where lies your strength as volunteer?
Please choose one (or more) of the following aspects that you would like to revise:

A. Infrastructural perspective:

1.       Usability of website.

2.       Structural design and navigation to courses and other modules.

3.       Error messages in website.

4.       Social community and communicative feedback.

5.       Visual page display on various devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

6.       Navigation instrument: via mouse, keyboard (tabs), touch screen (finger swipes).

7.       Vulnerability to hack attempts on the Moodle platform.

B. Linguistic perspective:

1.       International English vocabulary that is understandable for students all over the world.

2.       Correct grammar and idiom.

3.       Short sentences and proper use of punctuation.

4.       Formulation of cause effect reasoning.

5.       Flowing narrative and understandable thread of the story.

C. Scientific perspective:

1.       Logical thinking and reasoning styles.

2.       Systematic planning and structural composition.

3.       Correct cause effect reasoning.

4.       Evidence based scientific approach.

5.       Testing of biological factual knowledge.

6.       Testing of psychological factual knowledge.

D. Educational perspective:

1.       Wording of definitions.

2.       Sufficient and appropriate examples.

3.       Degree of difficulty of curriculum.

4.       Addressing multiple sensory modalities.

5.       Using multiple practice methods.

E. Commercial perspective:

1.       Which features would make the site more attractive to visitors to read, and to subscribe?

2.       What writing style would hold the attention of students and invite them to read more?

3.       What subtopics would more people want to follow as a paid course?

4.       What is a reasonable price for a course or for taking an exam.

5.       Via what (free) specific web addresses can CPER reach the right audience (potential students)?


You will read parts of the website or a particular course. If you find certain ambiguities or inaccuracies, copy and paste them immediately as text in a Word document (or similar). Provide aside of that text fragment your comment or improvement in colour (in Dutch or in English or German).
Please send me your (collection of) findings by email.

At least 1 hour per week: hour reading and investigation. hour elaborating on feedback and dispatch of report.

Internet connection and email address.
PC, laptop or tablet with modern / updated Web browser; simple word processing application.
Login account with CPER (which I will make for you).


Note: OLE is 'under construction' and courses are still in the making.


Thanking you in advance for your efforts and welcome to the club,
Centre for Progressive Evolution of Reality:

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