CPER: explanation of abbreviations, prefixes (English, Greek, Latin) and acronyms concerning overall site.

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qst = question.

A question can be part of a lesson, quiz, or questionnaire.

Also see: mcq (= multiple choice question).


sai - short answer interrogation.

(sai = saq = short answer questioning.)

A short answer interrogation allows a response of one or a few words, that is automatically graded by comparing against various model answers. NB: the answer that you type in the input field, must be English words (because of embedded literal-phrase-matching functionality).


SIP = Self Improvement Program(ming).

The Self Improvement Program contains knowledge and exercises to program your emotions, thoughts and beliefs in such a way that you will improve the health of your body and mind. It is a form of personal skills training. It uses skills from the area of: language and communication training, intelligence amplification, goal formulation, mind change techniques, stress management.



Epi = "over, outside of, around, on top of".

Epi- is used as a prefix before some English words.

The prefix epi- is derived from the ancient Greek word epi (επί-) meaning "over, outside of, around, on top of".


Para- = "along side", "next to", or "contra-".

Para- is used as a prefix before many English words.

The prefix para is derived from the ancient Greek word pará (παρά) meaning “beside; next to, near, from; against, contrary to”.


Semi- = "half", sometimes meaning “partially”, “incompletely” or “somewhat”.

Semi- is used as a prefix before many English words.

The prefix semi- is derived from the Latin word semi, meaning "half".


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