Phylogenesis is also called: Phylogeny.

  1. The evolutionary development and diversification of a life-form or taxonomic group of organisms (e.g. species, populations), or of a particular feature of an organism.
  2. The evolutionary history of a group of organisms, especially as depicted in a family tree.

Related concepts

Compare with: Ontogenesis , Palingenesis .

Phylogeny relates to genetic development of a species during evolution, while Ontogeny relates to physiological (and psychological) development of an individual during his / her lifetime.
Phylogenesis: long-term time scale.
Ontogenesis: short-term time scale.


Linguistic derivation

The term Phylogenesis is derived from the ancient Greek words phylé (φυλή) and phulon (φῦλον), meaning "tribe", "clan", or "race", plus the term genesis (γένεσις) meaning "origin", "source", or "birth".  
In Phylogeny, t
he suffix -geny also expresses the concept of "mode of production".

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