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Details on CPER as Organisation

D. Donation

D1. Purpose

1.1. Building our organisation

You can also show engagement by supporting us financially, so we can build up our organisation.

1.2. Please Save Nature

Human population explosion is the largest destructive force on earth ever.
The multiplying world-population will pollute our planet rapidly, and change the earth's climate.
In many countries, the fast increasing number of people will eradicate nature.
Please help CPER to find ethical solutions to this nature-destroying force.
Please help us in order to save natural ecosystems and keep biodiversity.

D.2. Payment Method

2.1. Give a donation via PayPal

You can donate by sending money via PayPal to CPER.
Please use as monetary currency: European Euro (EUR), US-Dollar (USD), or Great Britain Pounds (GBP).
You may use 'PayPal.Me' to send money directly from your PayPal account to our account. For example, if you wish to donate 25 euros, 25 American dollars, or 25 British pounds, then use one of the hyperlinks below:

During the execution of this transaction, you must login to your PayPal account. If you send money in a different currency than the valuta mentioned above, PayPal will subtract a reversal-fee from your donation.

Thank you for your support,
CPER Office