category III) BioMental Cybernetics [BMC].

III. Bio-Mental Cybernetics

Category III. contains themes and courses about the biology of mental brain processes and feedback loops.

CyberGenetic Human
Figure III. CyberGenetic Human.


Sleeping & Dreaming 
Sleeplessness leads to fattening.

Hormonal influence on body and brain


category III. BMC, guide A) Curriculum on Bio-Mental Cybernetics.

Guide A describes the context of topics and study itinerary for all courses within category BMC.

What comprises the BMC-courses in evolution of Body-Mind Duality? 

category III. BMC, course B) NS.

What is the structure and function of our nervous system at this moment in time?

category III. BMC, course C) AMC.

How does neuronal association lead to memory and cognition?

category III. BMC, course D) LM.

What are the basic learning mechanisms that evolved through time?

category III. BMC, course G) NBP.

What can go wrong on the level of nerves?
What can go wrong in our complex brain?

category III. BMC, course Z) Mental CyberGenetics [MCG].

From which fundaments emerged Thought?

III. course Y) Artificial Neural Networks & Robotics [ANNR].

Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Robotics