category II) Progressive Evolution of Life [PEL].

II. Progressive Evolution of Life

Category II. contains themes and courses about Progressive Evolution of Life.

category II. PEL, guide A) Curriculum on PEL.

Guide A describes the context of topics and study itinerary for all courses within category PEL.

What comprises the PEL-courses in Progressive Evolution of Life?

category II. PEL, course B) ACPEL.

How did life come into existence?

category II. PEL, course C) CSRS.

Live and Reproduce (but not too much).

Cybernetic Survival / Reproduction Strategies
Figure II-C. Cybernetic Survival / Reproduction Strategies
category II. PEL, course D) EHAP.

What made Apes change into Humananimals?

category II. PEL, course E) NMB.

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Believer?
What determines Heterosexual Beauty?

category II. PEL, course F) FED.

In which direction shall life evolve?
What future route will the human species undertake?