category I) Introduction to CPER courses [intro].

I. Introduction to CPER Courses

Category I. contains the following subjects:

  • Introduction courses about CPER doctrine, online learning environment, lessons and exams.
  • Meta-information about the other categories: prerequisites.


category I. Intro CPER, info A) Course Guide for Prospective Students.

Do you want to sniff around? Then follow this example lesson for prospective students about courses in general. Please work through this lesson first.

To make the test at the end of this lesson, you need to log in first, before you start this course.
User name: sniffer
Password: Student1!

category I. Intro CPER, info B) Prerequisites for Taking Lessons.

What are the preconditions to successfully obtain a CPER certificate per course?

category I. Intro CPER, info C) Site Navigation & Features.

How can you navigate through the site?
What functionality is available to you?

category I. Intro CPER, pact D) Subscription Procedures.

What are the subscription details and enrolment procedures?

If you have an existing PayPal account, you can send the amount in US-Dollars to our PayPal account.
You must provide the following details:

  1. Your first name and surname which you have used to register as student in CPER (see your profile page).
  2. The Roman number of the category as well as the Letter and name of the course (for example: IV-C BOET).

You may also use PaypalMe, for example:

category I. Intro CPER, info E) Communication Etiquette.

What are the Site Policies?
What are the Rules of Conduct in messages and forums?
How do you convey Communication to outer world about CPER?
What is the Use of self made labels in Tag Cloud?
Please use straightforward English words only.
Commercial advertising is forbidden.

category I, info F) Cross Curricular Certification.

Information on Diploma's that can be earned by following courses from different categories, in order to obtain a certification as, for example:
Communication Trainer, Therapist, Educator, Manager, Robot Trainer etc.

category I. Intro CPER, info G) About Book & Author.

Who wrote this book?
Why is the book presented in the form of courses?