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Do you want to sniff around? Then follow this example lesson for prospective students about courses in general. Please work through this lesson first.

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User name: sniffer
Password: Student1!

{ category I, info A : Intro for trial students }

What are the preconditions to successfully pass a CPER-exam per category?

{ category I, info B : Prerequisites }

{ category I, info C : Book & Author }

What is Progressive Evolution of Life?

{ category II, course A : PEL intro }

How did life come into existence?

{ category II, course B : ACPEL }

Live and Reproduce (but not too much).

Cybernetic Survival / Reproduction Strategies
Figure II-C: Cybernetic Survival / Reproduction Strategies

{ category II, course C : CSRS }

What made Apes change into Humananimals?

{ category II, course D: EHAP }

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Believer?

{ category II, course E : NMB }

The evolution of Body-Mind Duality.

{ category III, course A : BMC intro }

What is the structure and function of our nervous system at this moment in time?

{ category III, course B : NS }

How does neuronal association lead to memory and cognition?

{ category III, course C : AMC }

From which Fundaments emerged Thought?

{ category III, course B: MCG }

How does the brain interact with its social environment?

{ category IV, course A : NAC intro }

What are the basic learning mechanisms that evolved through time?

{ category IV, course B : LM }

What is Psycho-Social Cybernetics?

{ category V, course A : PSC intro }

What is the meaning of Cosmic Eternal Life Cybernetics?

{ category VI, course A : CELC intro }

What comprises the course Science and Philosophy?

{ category VII, course A : S&P intro }