Welcome to CPER

Welcome to CPER, the online learning environment of the Centre for Progressive Evolution of Reality. Here, you can see which courses are opened for subscription, or activities that are accessible to you.

CPER has classified its courses into categories, shown by their acronym, and in a deliberate order, namely:

  1. Intro  = Introduction to CPER courses (Cybernetic Progressive Evolution of Reality as overarching theme).
  2. PEL    = Progressive Evolution of Life.
  3. BMC   = Bio-Mental Cybernetics.
  4. RIMC  = Reception-Integration-Manipulation Cybernetics.
  5. PSC    = Psycho-Social Cybernetics.
  6. CELC  = Cosmic Eternal Life Cybernetics.
  7. S & P  = Science and Philosophy.

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